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I have the pleasure of working with Julian at eXp Realty. Julian is quick to help out and offer her expertise whenever asked. She is professional, knowledgeable and consistently goes above and beyond for her clients. I would highly recommend Julian for all your Real Estate needs.

Donna Designation

Julian works tirelessly for her clients! Always staying cutting edge for what is happening in the market to help her clients make home a reality.


I recently had the pleasure of working with Julian and I cannot recommend her highly enough. From start to finish, she exhibited professionalism, expertise, and a genuine dedication as a Realtor. She raises the bar and I recommend her highly!


Julian is an amazing and caring agent who cares deeply for her clients. She is resourceful and knowledgeable, and I have benefited from collaborating with her.


I’ve worked closely with Julian for the past three years, and hope to work with her on future projects. She is able to combine total professionalism with a personal connection, so that the relationship is a pleasure while accomplishing your aims. She is competent in a surprising number of ways (business, graphics and more) while maintaining a strong sense of esthetics in all of her work. She is skilled at learning what the customer wants and delivering that, but she is also able to change paths when the initial suggestions don’t work, and to accept feedback gracefully. She is totally honest and straightforward, while being diplomatic (not always easy!). I value her skills and enjoy her company, and look forward to continuing our business and personal relationship.


Julian Kan is the best and most amazing agent. She is kind and attentive to details, also answered my questions promptly and gave me appropriate advice. She was friendly and easy to talk to about anything. I can sincerely recommend her as a person and a professional agent. On top of that, she is multilingual in English, Japanese, and Chinese, so as a Japanese, I was able to communicate with her in my native language, which was very comfortable for me. I truly feel lucky to work with such an excellent agent that I would give her more than 5 stars.


ジュリアンさんは広東語、北京語、日本語、英語話せるマルチリンガルで、パワフルで忍耐強く、そして優しくチャーミングな女性です。 日本とアメリカとの13時間の時差ある中でのやりとりだったのですが、迅速さと人柄の良さに私はすべてを信頼して任せることができました。実は日本の大手の不動産会社ともやり取りをしていたのですが、そちらはそっけなかったです。 主人は仕事で忙しく、打ち合わせする時間が限られていたのですが、ボストン時間では遅い時間だったり早朝だったりしたのですが、すぐに対応して頂きました。契約書の書き方もその場で一つ一つ教えて頂きました。 外国送金が上手くできずに大変だったのですが、忍耐強くサポートして頂きとても有難かったです。 とても素晴らしいエージェントさんです! Read more


Julian made an amazing job finding a home for my family. She was patient and took the times to find the good place. She also shared good adresses on our neighborhoods. I hope working with her again in the future. (Zillow)

Antoine Hu

Julian is just an amazing Realtor! When we were selling out condo she not only educated me on the importance of staging our property (we didn’t realize how cluttered it was!), but helped out - she has a great sense of design. Also, she takes amazing videos that truly highlight the best of what we were selling - really a difference maker. On top of that, there are no pressure sales tactics and she sincerely takes to heart the needs and wants of her clients. Highly recommended!


Julian really took out all the hassle and stress of finding a place to live for me. She was patient and understanding with me and of my time constraint. I consider myself fortunate to have found her, and will call on her again in the future should I need a hard-working realtor who is such a pleasure to interact with.

R.F. Goggin

Julian is very friendly and easy to get ahold of, and I felt like she was in our corner while looking for an apartment.

Andrea Muraskin

Hard-working and helpful!

Trevor Ragas

Julian was great to work with. She was quick to answer the phone and return emails. She was early for appointments. She was knowledgeable about the property and the landlord at the property I was interested in.

Jeff Todd
Jeff Todd

私たちは日本から引っ越してきて、ジュリアンにブルックラインでの物件探しをお手伝いいただきました。6歳以下の子供を2人含む5人家族、車がない、家賃の予算も低いという条件での家探しでしたが、ジュリアンの根気よく、優れた検索能力で、私たちが入居できる物件に巡り合うことが出来ました。 ジュリアンは、私たちが住もうとしているエリアのことをよくご存じで、いつも連絡を絶やさず、不明なことはわかるまで丁寧に説明して下さり、安心して取り引きができました。 契約が終わり入居してから発覚したトラブルにも積極的にかかわって下さり、私たちを助けてくれています。ご自身のお仕事に誇りと責任をしっかり持っていらっしゃる、とても信頼できるエージェントさんです。 We moved from Japan and hired Julian to help us find a rental property in Brookline. We have 3 kids (2 of them under 6), no car and tight budget, but Julian never gave up and found one for us that fit our criteria. She was very knowledgeable of the area, always replied promptly, and explained things in a professional manner. It made us feel at ease working with her! She also tackled the issues we faced after we moved in promptly, always being resourceful & helpful. She is a very responsible, trustworthy agent! Highly recommend!


Julian is a super professional realtor. She helped us to rent the apartment of our dreams. She managed all documents provide us detailed instructions how to fill the forms and which documents to provide. She answered all our questions comprehensively and in time. In addition she is a warm personality. She supported us to build relation with landlord. I would definitely recommend Julian as great realtor.

Maksym Nazarenko

We moved to Boston from Japan. She is native both in English and Japanese. I imagine she is no less fluent in Chinese. She is extremely considerate, efficient, cheerful and always eager to find the most helpful measure for her customer. She also kindly assisted our relocation. She knows how to make people's lives from East Asia comfortable in the US. I highly recommend her.(Zillow)

kr iokibe

Julian is a dependable person with attentive thoughtfulness to detail, accurate advice, and a wonderful personality. Thanks to Julian, the start-up of my life in an unfamiliar Boston, USA went smoothly and I had a wonderful time.

iokibe hirose13481011